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Get to know Laine
thru her roles...

Laine fell in love with the performing arts at a young age and story telling has been a driving force in her life ever since.  Now as an experienced performer, director, and acting/voice coach, she loves reaching for new heights and discovering new horizons - especially those within herself. 

​Laine is a versatile actress known for her captivating portrayals of complex and colorful characters on stage and screen. As it happens, this mother of four daughters often plays motherly roles - of one sort or another. One of her cherished performances was as “Maria” in THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Laine thrives in roles that challenge traditional stereotypes, such as her memorable portrayals of “The Witch“ in INTO THE WOODS and “Maleficent” in DESCENDANTS..

Recently, as "Sister Katherine" in the film LOVING YOU IS COMPLICATED (nominated at PRIZE FEST 2023), Laine played a motherly nun whose inspirational straight talk gave direction to a lost young man.


Laine is eager to tell more stories in collaboration with creative people who have a message to share, either on stage or on the screen. And - yes - she loves to play characters who are NOT mothers, too!!



GUILTY?,  an eye-opening glimpse of felons in group therapy

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